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Restaurants in Australia craft a culture of cuisine
Australia has among the most diversed cultures in the world. The good thing is, Australia has kept its cultural diversity preserved, while people live together in harmony [...]

A Family Owned Small Bed And Breakfast Inn On Antigua
A family owned Bed and Breakfast Inn which could and perhaps should describe itself as a small and intimate hotel could be a great place to spend an affordable vacation on Antigua [...]

Coffee and 10 Health Facts
Coffee, like red wine, is a drink with both health benefits and dangers. Because coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant, it can increase the heart rate, boost adrenaline and up your cortisone levels. With this increased stimulation comes both pros and cons [...]

The Art of Ordering a Bottle of Wine
Wine, Vino, the Nectar of the Gods. Whatever you want to call it, thanks to a growing number of vineyards and the exponentially growing demand for quality, affordable wine has made the number of wines on the market explode [...]

Does the Type of Glass You Use Really Matter When Drinking Wine?
Just about any store you go into that offers wine glasses will have a section marked off a red wine glasses and white wine glasses. The question I've often hear is "Does the glass type really matter"? There are varying opinions on this, but here are a few things that I've always thought about when asked that question [...]